10 Best Bourbons $50 or Under

What are the 10 Best $50 or Under Bourbons to Give as a Gift?

There's a lot of great (and not-so-great) bourbon out there today, including many bourbons in the "$50 or under" crowd.

Some of these are much less than $50 (Wild Turkey 101, Bulleit, etc.), and some are toeing the line much more closely (Blantons, 4R Single Barrel).

Without further adieu, here are the 10 Best Bourbons $50 or under:

(these should all be available at a good liquor store...links to my reviews):
I love all of these bourbons, and it's basically like picking a favorite child. However,

Top 3 bets to impress a serious bourbon drinker:
Best $50 or Under Bourbons
Best $50 or Under Bourbon
  1. Wild Turkey Rare Breed
  2. Russell's Reserve Single Barrel
  3. Four Roses Single Barrel
Top 3 smoothest bourbons for mass appeal:
  1. Blanton's
  2. Evan Williams Single Barrel
  3. Bulleit
My overall favorite: WT Rare Breed