Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses
Single Barrel
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Warehouse KE, Barrel 42-1H
50% ABV (100 proof)
paid $40

Color: light brown, hints of orange and a little cloudy.

Smell: complex but approachable, and pretty lovely. Definite caramel and maple sweetness, and I also notice some cherry and quite a bit of cinnamon spice, even some mint. Lots going on, and it's all great.

Taste: Yup, love it. God damn it, this is good. Plenty of complex sweetness on entry - caramel, maple, red fruit most prominently. Transition brings in a flood of cinnamon and really well-integrated oak flavors. The finish is medium-long, and features creamy red fruit flavors, leather, and cinnamon.

Overall: This is a knockout. Easy "A," and basically everything you could possibly want in a widely available bourbon. Complex, smooth, and their signature house style is just plain different from everyone else's. Can't recommend this highly enough. Jim Rutledge is retiring, and my only hope is that his replacement keeps the quality coming. Sku recently did a "which one bourbon would you drink for the rest of your life?" post, and I believe this came out as the winner across his readership. Which comes at no surprise, having now tasted it. It's definitely got my vote.