Evan Williams Single Barrel 2006

Evan Williams 2006 Single Barrel
Evan Williams 2006 SB
Evan Williams
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Single Barrel Vintage
"Put in oak 2006"
Barreled on 12.2006, Barrel No. 92, Bottled on 4.9.2015 (~8.5 years old)
43.3% ABV
paid $24

Color: gold with a hint of nectarine. Looks darker in the bottle due to the reflection of the black wax neck.

Smell: this smells really nice. Certainly there is very prominent honey/caramel sweetness. Also a nice complement of sliced green apple topped with cinnamon...a tart note that's also a little bit spicy. In addition, it smells a little musty in a good way.

Taste: consistent with the nose. First mouth rush is all honey sweetness...bit o honey candies. Also caramel sweetness like Goetze's caramel cremes. Not cloyingly sweet, however...just softly approachable and very smooth. The transition brings in very little else, aside from the slight dustiness from the nose. There is just a slight hint of the cinnamon spice on the finish, but it dissipates quickly, leaving the sweetness again in its wake. Short but pleasing finish that brings the candies back into play.

Overall: it's really good, but very simple. Outrageously smooth - you could drink a bottle of this by accident. As far as sure-to-please value bourbons go, this might just take the crown. You will be the hit of your Memorial Day picnic if you bring this. Perfect beginner's bourbon - very smooth and very approachable. If you're beginning your bourbon/whiskey journey or you're introducing a friend or loved one to the realm, I would highly recommend this bottle as the gateway drug of choice. The only complaint is that it's a bit too one-dimensional to keep challenging your palate if you drink whiskey regularly (particularly barrel-proof whiskey). That said, it's an excellent change-of-pace pour, and a much better alternative to Maker's Mark regular if you're looking to drop a few ice cubes in a glass and sit on the porch in the stifling heat. Solid B/B+ for me, and highly recommended at this price.