Barrell Bourbon Batch 008

Barrell Bourbon
Batch 008
132.8 proof

From Barrell's website, it looks like this is a 70/25/5 corn/rye/malted barley mashbill, distilled and aged in Tennessee for 9.5 years. Seems like a different mashbill than Dickel and Jack, so my guess is Prichard's. Let's dig in!

Color: deep russet brown - clearly this has had some barrel time.

Smell: big, robust bourbon nose on this one. Lots of red hots cinnamon candy, toasted oak, and peanuts. I also get charred corn.

Taste: definite whopper on the palate - exactly as you'd expect from smelling it. This is stylistically very similar to Booker's - lots of racy cinnamon and oak notes dominate the palate. There isn't a ton of nuance or elegance; it's brash and punchy. There is some burnt corn sweetness upfront, and then the fire starts on the midpalate - hot cinnamon candies and a lot of toasted oak influence. The finish is more of the same, and makes me sweat.

Overall: If you like Booker's and similar whiskies, this is definitely worth a try. For me, it's a tad too oaky. B+/A-