Barrell Whiskey Batch #004

Barrell Whiskey
Cask Strength American whiskey
Batch #004
11 yrs age
60.3% ABV (120.6 proof)
$not sure, but probably $70+ (sample provided)

Excited to dig into this one - based on Barrell's website, this whiskey looks very unique: bourbon mashbill, 11 years in used oak, with finishing in rye and rum casks.

Color: bright gold, bordering on light brown

Smell: Despite the proof, your nose can mosey right up to this whiskey. Lots of sweet smells - caramel, banana (likely from the rum casks), raisins, and almost a fudge note cropping up too. There's also a hint of barrel-driven vanilla and cinnamon.

Taste: very much in keeping with the aroma - sweet throughout, and smooth enough at full proof, though a little water brings more to enjoy. "Funky caramelized banana sweetness" pretty much sums up the sipping experience. There's a little drying oak note in the finish that provides a nice balance to what would otherwise be a sugar cookie of a whiskey.

Overall: I like this quite a bit, particularly with a little water to open things up. It's very well balanced with the caramelized tropical fruit/banana sweetness in the nose and front palate and then some (but not too much) oak spice backbone to balance things out. Very interesting, and recommended. "A-" for me.