Michter's 10 Year Bourbon (2017 Release)

Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
10 Years Old
Barrel 17B302
47.2% ABV (94.4 proof)
~$120 (sample provided)

Color: light/medium brown, orange tint.

Smell: sweet and approachable. This has a "bourbon candy" nose filled with caramel and vanilla. There's a hint of toasted oak and an herbal whiff in the background, but really it just keeps coming with waves of honeyed sweetness for me.

Taste: unsurprisingly, the sweetness is present in droves at first - loads of dark caramel and almost a creme brulee type of sweet vanilla. Things get spicier on the midpalate with some of the oak influence...I get toasted oak and a little musty leather. The finish winds pleasingly back to bourbon candy town.

Overall: very solid bourbon, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Definitely in "A-/A" territory for me. So I think it really comes down to price/value...after all, you can buy about 3 bottles of Four Roses Single Barrel for the retail price of Michter's 10, assuming you can find it for retail price!