Old Grand-Dad 114

Old Grand-Dad

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Lot No. 1
57% ABV

Color: golden brown, with a bit of an orange tint. Like EWB, it looks a lot darker in the bottle due to the black labels.

Smell: definitely a little hot. The most prominent smell is a sort of dry wood element, as well as cinnamon. I'm transported to creating those little balsa wood paper airplane kits while sucking on an atomic fireball candy.

Taste: mild sweetness upfront (popcorn), then the transition brings in the spicy kick of cinnamon and oak. The finish is pretty long and really heavy on the cinnamon spiciness in a good way. For me, this is a "forward" finishing whiskey in the sense that there's no big throat burn or lingering flavors in the back of the palate - everything keeps registering in the front part of my mouth and my cheeks - namely a woody dryness and some lingering spiciness.

Overall: this is a pretty solid bourbon, and on the sweet/spicy spectrum, it's decidedly "spicy." For me, it's comfortably in the "B" range in terms of an overall grading. It has a bit of harshness that ultimately holds it back a little bit, but for $20 you can do a whole lot worse! It's also worth noting that this is a pretty smooth customer despite the 114 proof delivery.

This is an interesting value whiskey to taste alongside EWB to see what you gravitate towards in terms of sweet vs. spicy bourbon. Definitely recommended!