Oban 14

West Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
43% ABV (86 proof)
~$70 (sample provided)

Excited to dig into this one...I've heard nothing but good things. Can someone confirm that this is actually 14 years old? The packaging and label remind me (cynically) of the bourbon trickery with Ancient Age 10 Star and the like. Anyway...

Color: medium golden brown

Smell: very nice, balanced, and fruity nose. Lots of malted grain, honey, and golden raisins for me, with a bit of orchard fruit (pears?) and nuttiness in the background.

Taste: whisper smooth and very approachable. Upfront there is some malty grain sweetness and honey (as expected). The midpalate brings in an interesting fruitiness, but it's more apple/pear core and skin than fleshy fruit - slightly bitter and intriguing. I also get some faint nuttiness, especially on the medium finish.

Overall: this is very nice whisky. Super smooth and dangerously drinkable, but not the most complex dram of all time. My only gripe is with the retail price!